Soft Alarm + Nude Human @ Project Lodge, 8/2/2012

Project Lodge, 7:30PM, $5

This is an event that’s very special for improvised music in Madison–debut performances from two new arrangements of musicians, coming together to explore space, sound, and communication.

Soft Alarm


Madison bassist Ben Willis (Glacier, Weather Duo, Lovely Socialite) combines with MIlwaukee experimental vocalist Amanda Schoofs and NYC drummer Devin Drobka. Schoofs is a composer and electronic musician who fuses extended vocal techniques with traditional forms of blues, opera, chanson, and punk. Always pushing the limits–she explores extremes in timbre, texture, and breath while playing with fragmented melodies, nonsensical phonemes, or text.  Schoofs performs regularly with MiLO-Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra, a raucous free improv trio with Christopher Burns and Steve Nelson-Raney, and an interdisciplinary duo with modern dancer Laura Murphy. She is a lecturer in composition, improvisation and theory at UWM Peck School of the Arts. Drobka, originally from Milwaukee, left to study Jazz Performance at Berklee School of Music, and now lives in NYC, where he contributes his astonishing musicianship and innovative sense to many different projects, including the trio Sons of Daughters. Willis is dedicated as a musician to collaborative projects, new music, and improvisation. Currently living in Madison, where he studied with Richard Davis, he has contributed work to dance, theater, and film, as well as playing with many bands and musicians around the area. 


Nude Human


A new collaboration between two prolific and innovative Madison musicians, Pat Reinholz (Weather Duo, Lovely Socialite, Crane Your Swan Neck) and John Praw Kruse (Pushmi-Pullyu, Fambly Fun, John Praw). Reinholz is a music educator, composer, and improvisor, who has been working in the Madison area for several years, collaborating with dancers, filmmakers, and other artists. Kruse is an accomplished ambient artist, and owner of Mine All Mine Records, a Madison-based label. This collaboration will bring the two of them together in performance for the first time.


~ by Surrounded by Reality Jazz on July 26, 2012.

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