Brennan Connors & Stray Passage at Audio for the Arts, October 19 8:00 PM

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Brennan Connors & Stray Passage is a fledgling musical trio lead by saxophonist Brennan Connors. The ensemble embraces free and structured improvisation, original compositions, and groove based experiments.  Geoff Brady is featured on drums and percussion; Brain Grimm on cello, electric bass, and a variety of Chinese string instruments.  The breadth of the group ranges from focused minimalism to fiery high energy music, all while maintaining a sense of narrative organization throughout performances.  This October 19th marks the band’s next show at Audio for the Arts in Madison, WI.

Brennan Connors has been performing music in Madison and other areas of the Midwest for nearly two decades.  Working primarily as a saxophonist, he has embraced a multitude of musical styles and concepts while engaged with numerous ensembles. During a four year stay in Chicago, he played with The Chicago Samba School, Chainsaw Dupont & The Blues Warriors, and a plethora of jazz groups.  Brennan also led the Chicago based band Asylum, which for lack of a better term was self classified as “groove oriented free-jazz metal.”
Currently residing in Madison, Brennan continues to work a wide range of bands and musicians.  They include Brazilian music group Samba Novistas, Joe White & Brota Oroian’s Art Brothas, and work with percussionist/vocalist/Afro-Peruvian musical innovator Juan Medrano Cotito during his last visit to the Midwest. He’s also has been a regular member of bluesman James Earl Tate’s band since 1999.
Brian C Grimmis a composer, cellist, electronic musician, & Chinese strings multi-instrumentalist – creating music in Madison, WI with the Brothers Grimm, Lovely Socialite, and Watercourse Q4.  After studying Chinese music in Hong Kong and receiving his Bachelor of Music Theory & Composition from Butler University, BCG has found a niche composing and performing live scores for dance and theater.  Brian’s commissions & collaborations include: Fingerlakes Chamber Music Festival, PaperStrangers Dance and Theater Co., Ephemeral Dance, American Pianist Association, City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, Radio & Television Hong Kong, Wu Ji Ensemble, Indiana Repertory Theatre, Indy Fringe Theater, The American Blues Theater at Chicago’s Victory Biograph Theater, WI Film Fest 2012. 

Geoffrey Bradyis a percussionist/thereminist who resides in Madison.  The youngest of six children, Brady plays in local ensembles such as The Alison Margaret Quartet and Yid Vicious.  He is a married homeowner with two cats who mainly wears Golden Toe socks. 

Audio for the Arts is located at 7 South Blair Street.

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SBR and AFA present

Sons of Daughters

Sunday, September 16, 8pm


Sons Of Daughters


Patrick Breiner – tenor sax, clarinet, voice (Easton, CT)
Aaron Darrell – bass, voice (Boston, MA)
Devin Drobka – drums (New York, NY)

Sons Of Daughters are on the hustle. Not even two years as a band and they’ve already set out on over a half dozen DIY tours in support of 4 DIY recordings. Their newest CD, Beyond Animals, is by far their most reckless, joyous, and genuine recording to date and their first to feature all original music.

This trio of decorated Berklee and New School grads met in Milwaukee in April of 2010. But don’t let their stunning pedigree fool you. This ain’t no Downbeat reading, elbow rubbing, Blue Note wannabe college trio. These guys are bona fide road warriors with an agenda: to climb the highest hill, yell the loudest, and to make damn sure that what they’re saying means something.

Patrick Breiner, Aaron Darrell, and Devin Drobka all contribute compositions ranging from wistful rubato ballades to devil may care free jazz avalanches. Breiner’s tenor saxophone and clarinet are augmented by vocals (his own and those of bassist Darrell). Drobka is the wild card, as likely to play with any object within reach as he is to play his drum kit. In short, a helter-skelter new twist on the classic chordless jazz trio.

Chives @ Audio for the Arts, Thursday August 30, 8pm

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CHIVES represents the collective musical output of bassist Matthew
Wohl, multi-reedist Steven Lugerner and drummer Max Jaffe. Their
music is a continuation of the jazz trio continuum – yet CHIVESʼ
repertoire is heavily influenced by the world of songwriting. Their third
recording, Dads, will be released on Primary Records in August 2012.

Here’s a sample

Soft Alarm + Nude Human @ Project Lodge, 8/2/2012

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Project Lodge, 7:30PM, $5

This is an event that’s very special for improvised music in Madison–debut performances from two new arrangements of musicians, coming together to explore space, sound, and communication.

Soft Alarm


Madison bassist Ben Willis (Glacier, Weather Duo, Lovely Socialite) combines with MIlwaukee experimental vocalist Amanda Schoofs and NYC drummer Devin Drobka. Schoofs is a composer and electronic musician who fuses extended vocal techniques with traditional forms of blues, opera, chanson, and punk. Always pushing the limits–she explores extremes in timbre, texture, and breath while playing with fragmented melodies, nonsensical phonemes, or text.  Schoofs performs regularly with MiLO-Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra, a raucous free improv trio with Christopher Burns and Steve Nelson-Raney, and an interdisciplinary duo with modern dancer Laura Murphy. She is a lecturer in composition, improvisation and theory at UWM Peck School of the Arts. Drobka, originally from Milwaukee, left to study Jazz Performance at Berklee School of Music, and now lives in NYC, where he contributes his astonishing musicianship and innovative sense to many different projects, including the trio Sons of Daughters. Willis is dedicated as a musician to collaborative projects, new music, and improvisation. Currently living in Madison, where he studied with Richard Davis, he has contributed work to dance, theater, and film, as well as playing with many bands and musicians around the area. 


Nude Human


A new collaboration between two prolific and innovative Madison musicians, Pat Reinholz (Weather Duo, Lovely Socialite, Crane Your Swan Neck) and John Praw Kruse (Pushmi-Pullyu, Fambly Fun, John Praw). Reinholz is a music educator, composer, and improvisor, who has been working in the Madison area for several years, collaborating with dancers, filmmakers, and other artists. Kruse is an accomplished ambient artist, and owner of Mine All Mine Records, a Madison-based label. This collaboration will bring the two of them together in performance for the first time.

Merciless Ghost – Tuesday – July 31 – 8pm – Audio for the Arts

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Deconunisms w/ Brennan Connors and Stray Passage – Monday – July 16 – 8pm, Audio for the Arts

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featuring Luke Polipnick, Guitar   John Christensen, Bass   Devin Drobka, Drums

Fred Lonberg-Holm’s Stirrup + Type-Type

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May 18th at Audio for the Arts, 8:00pm, $10


An evening featuring two new heavy-hitting trios:

Stirrup (CHI):

Fred Lonberg-Holm, cello

Jason Roebke, bass

Charles Raumbach, drums


Type-Type (Madison/IowaCity):

Luke Polipnick, guitar

Karl McComas-Reichl, bass

Corin Healey, drums 


Fred Lonberg-Holm is a cellist/improvisor/composer based in Chicago, known for his work with the Ken Vandermark 5, Friction Brothers, Lightbox Orchestra, Valentine Trio and numerable others. Performing alongside legendary players like Peter Brotzmann and Joe McPhee, he has carved out a distinct sound as a cellist and improvisor, and has earned a spot in the contemporary canon of daring, exploratory music. Stirrup is his new project, which combines the textural ferocity of Friction Brothers with the complex modern jazz sound of Valentine Trio.