The Jeff Herriott/Trevor Saint duo

Due to an injury to one of the performers, this show has been canceled.


Trevor Saint is a dynamic percussionist and improviser specializing in the glockenspiel; he performs on a rare instrument with an extended range of pitches. Now based in Brooklyn, the Wisconsin native returns to Madison for an evening of music with old friends and collaborators. The Jeff Herriott/Trevor Saint duo combines Trevor’s love of the glockenspiel (and other resonant metals) with Jeff Herriott’s ability to electronically alter reality at the edge of perception. They create soundscapes that shift slowly from one texture to another, often improvising within fixed structures. The Lawton Hall/Trevor Saint duo will be exploring new sonic worlds as a duo, with Trevor’s clear, shimmering bells contrasting Lawton’s mechanical sounds created with computer-controlled slide projectors. This performance will dig deeper into the elusive idea of “nostalgia”, which Hall also explored in the installation Cyclic Histories (for M.L.) and the album Spirits of the Age, two works (in two very different media) created specifically for the Sensorium gallery in Milwaukee.


~ by Surrounded by Reality Jazz on February 5, 2013.

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