In One Wind (NYC) and Vartan Mamigonian – June 17th at The Project Lodge

Friday, June 17

In One Wind (NYC) and Patrick Breiner as Vartan Mamigonian (Madison)

at The Project Lodge

817 East Johnson Street


In One Windare set to release their first full-length album, How Bright a Shadow! on the Primary Records label. From a Wendell Berry poem of the same name, the title signifies the feeling of the album: through a harmonious optimism, there is a tautly stretched thread of despair.

In One Wind

The band is comprised of vocalist and guitarist Angelo Spagnolo, vocalists Mallory Glaser and Samantha Rise, bassist Robert Lundberg, multi-reedist Steven Lugerner, and drummer Max Jaffe. How Bright a Shadow! draws on folk, indie rock, avant-garde, and pop influences. The band formed in February 2009, with Lugerner and Jaffe joining in the summer of that year.

The characteristic sound of In One Wind is defined by its instrumentation and the sudden rhythmic and dynamic shifts of the songs on How Bright a Shadow! Spagnolo’s writing process began with country and folk music built on storytelling, to which he applied guitarist Fred Frith’s concept of “block melody.” Frith, in this method, understands melody to be a series of events in time. “[Drummer] Gerry Hemingway was a big influence to me in looking at compositional possibilities,” Spagnolo acknowledges. “He pointed me towards Fred Frith, John Zorn and many others.” Spagnolo’s juxtaposition of contrasting musical spaces imbue the simple themes of the music with a mysterious quality.

Read more here:!about
and listen to the new record here:


Patrick Breiner will inhabit the persona of Vartan Mamigonian to open the night with a rare solo saxopho

Patrick Breiner as Vartan Mamigonian

ne performance.


~ by Surrounded by Reality Jazz on June 14, 2011.

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