Seeded Plain – March 11th @ Audio for the Arts

7:30 p.m.
March 11, 2011
at Audio for the Arts
7 S. Blair, Madison WI

$5 at the door

Seeded Plain performs improvised and composed pieces on homemade instruments, electronics and custom audio software. The duo began performing in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2007 after playing together in the four-piece Shelf Life ensemble.  Seeded Plain toured Europe in 2008 and the U.S.  in 2010 (with Maria Chavez), presenting instrument building workshops and collaborating with local artists.  Their newest release, ‘Entry Codes’ on Lisbon Portugal’s Creative Sources label was recorded at Kreimer’s Tooth Black studio in winter 2009/2010.

Bryan Day is an improviser, composer, instrument builder, and concept artist based in Lincoln, NE. Originally from Minneapolis, he arrived in Nebraska by way of Iowa, where he studied illustration and sculpture. Day focuses on intuitive sound performance using unconventional techniques in prepared environments. His instruments are constructed using practical composite designs, melding everyday objects with finished oak and metal forms. Day’s idiosyncratic compositional methods and personal sonic vocabulary evoke a sense of precarious balance.

Jay Kreimer is a musician, instrument maker, sculptor, composer and educator. More to the point, he is an alchemist of hardware stores, surplus catalogs, and discarded objects, who assembles new things out of scraps of possibility. Kreimer has performed across Europe, including Dublin, Cork, London, Glasgow, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris, and played at D-22 in Beijing. He presented an interactive talk/performance at the 2008 ISIM conference in Denver, and Santa Cruz. In collaboration with Wendy Weiss, he has shown sound and sculptural work in Beijing, San Francisco, Vancouver, New York, Washington D.C, and showed
a major installation in Kansas City and Tulsa. He spent the winter of 2009 in Vadodara, India, rewiring neuromuscular circuits by studying tabla. Kreimer also performs with The Mighty Vitamins.


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