SONS of DAUGHTERS – December 4, 2010: 8 p.m.

Sons Of Daughters

8p.m. at Audio for the Arts
7 South Blair, Madison WI
$5 G/A
Join us at 7 p.m. for a special pre-show reception.
This live show will be recorded by Audio for the Arts!

Patrick Breiner – tenor saxophone
Aaron Darrell – bass
Devin Drobka – drums

Sons of Daughters.Everybody’s mother is somebody’s daughter, brother. Dig? 

We were born through an unlikely union in Wisconsin. Having heard for months of young guns Aaron Darrell and Devin Drobka, Patrick Breiner traveled from his home in Madison, WI to Milwaukee in May of 2010 for a one nighter at the Jazz Estate. He showed up a half hour late and the band was already knee deep in an epic performance of “Autumn Leaves”. Breiner stepped on stage to take a solo before the rest of the band even realized he had shown up. He didn’t meet the bass player and drummer until the set break. It took about a minute and a half for them to start making jokes about farts and poo (a surefire sign that they would become thick as thieves.).

Soon after, Aaron moved to Boston to become a “real” certified jazz musician and Devin moved to New York City to pursue his dream of becoming a failed actor turned singing waiter on roller skates in midtown. Patrick stayed put in Madison, Wisconsin where he continues to undermine the lounge jazz scene one gig at a time.

This trio of brilliant young improvisers plays incendiary originals and reaches deep into the pantheon of jazz classics in order to deliver telepathy-laced shang-a-lang that transcends its geographical limitations.


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